Plan Your Strawberry Jammin’ Visit to Sanford, NC

Nothing signifies springtime more than the arrival of one of the season’s most delectable fruits: strawberries! Sanford and Lee County are home to several farms that just so happen to grow some of the biggest, reddest and juiciest berries around. Each spring, we welcome folks from all over to handpick produce from our fields and to experience one-of-a-kind, strawberry-themed events.

Strawberry Jammin’

On May 8th, the Sanford Farmers’ Market invites you to dive into everything strawberry. From the fruit itself to the cultivation and harvesting process and all the delicious ways you can prepare them. Hop from one vendor booth to the next snagging fresh produce, jellies, jams and much more. At each stop, you’ll find local farm representatives eager to share what goes into producing a bumper crop. They’ll also invite you out to their fields to experience the fun and joy of harvesting delicious berries yourself.

Jammin’ Seminars with Alyssa Anderson

Looking to make your delicious berry bounty last well past the season? Then Strawberry Jammin’ and the NC Cooperative Extension – Lee County Center have you covered! Join Family and Consumer Sciences Agent Alyssa Anderson for live strawberry preservation seminars and demonstrations. She’ll show you tips and tricks on freezing, drying and canning to help you get the most enjoyment out of your fruit haul.

As a registered dietician, Alyssa believes in helping everyone eat more fruits and vegetables. One way to do that and support local agriculture is by promoting local foods and fresh produce available at places like the Sanford Farmers’ Market.

“Many people who grow or purchase local foods are also curious about preserving them for when they are no longer in season,” Alyssa says. This is where safe food preservation becomes important for not only preventing foodborne illness but also enjoying a high-quality product.

By participating in events like Strawberry Jammin’, the NC Cooperative Extension – Lee County Center continues their work with the Sanford Farmers’ Market and their support for Downtown Sanford, Inc.

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A “Berry” Special Guest – Faye Schulz

Faye Schulz is a name practically everyone knows around Sanford. As the owner of local restaurant Mrs. Lacy’s Magnolia House, Faye has authored cookbooks and is recognized as making the best desserts in Lee County. She was also named Main Street Champion by the NC Department of Commerce for her commitment to downtown revitalization.

To honor her grandmother, Faye opened Mrs. Lacy’s in 1995. The restaurant has quickly become a downtown Sanford destination especially among women’s groups in central North Carolina and beyond. Visitors especially come to sip Faye’s famous strawberry lemonade, delight in her desserts and lounge a bit on the restaurant’s wraparound porch.

You can expect to see Faye meeting and greeting folks with her heartwarming smile at Strawberry Jammin’ in May. She’ll also be selling and signing her cookbooks including the Mrs. Lacy’s Magnolia House Cookbook. As an extra special treat, festival goers will also get a taste of her famous strawberry shortcake in a jar!

Can’t make it to festival? You’re in luck! Here’s Faye to show you how to make her delicious strawberry shortcake at home.

Recipes Galore!

Versatile in every way, the humble strawberry can be enjoyed in just about everything from smoothies and salads to jams, jellies and desserts. In addition to being seriously tasty, they offer a host of health benefits as well. To get you prepped to enjoy your delicious, Strawberry Jammin’ haul, here are a few more recipes to explore.

Whip up a Spinach & North Carolina Strawberry Salad for a quick, nutritious meal.

Berry Blast Bars – a healthy recipe and a delicious use of your strawberry jam.


Strawberry Jammin’ Food Stroll

Hugger Mugger Brewing Company

Head over to this popular downtown brewery and enjoy yourself a Pipi Long Stalking’s Strawberry Ginger Hefeweizen. Think traditional,  German-style Hefeweizen with the addition of buckets of strawberry and enough ginger to perfectly complement the flavor profile. Yum!

Libations 139

If beer isn’t your thing, stop by Libations 139 to sip on a delicious margarita featuring fresh-pressed strawberries, your favorite cocktail spirit and lime juice. Simply refreshing!

Cafe 121

How does a fresh stack of jumble griddle cakes sound? Cafe 121 has kicked this brunch favorite up several notches with layers of whipped cream and fresh strawberry filling. Add cherry wood smoked bacon on the side and you’ve got the best of both worlds: salty and sweet.

Kathy’s Java Express

Strawberries are great in just about anything including a tall refreshing smoothie. Kathy’s whips together a cold and creamy drink made with fresh ingredients, piled high with whipped cream and topped with sweet strawberry syrup.

La Dolce Vita Pizzeria

Savor real treats in three delightful forms: strawberry gelato, strawberry shortcake and strawberry soda! Any one of these pairs nicely with La Dolce Vita’s authentic handcrafted pizza.

Smoke and Barrel

Prepare yourself for a meal that will knock your socks off! Grab a table at Smoke and Barrel and feast on seared duck topped with a strawberry balsamic reduction, served on top of herb black rice. Paired with the entrée is a spring green salad with candied pecans, fried wonton strips and sliced strawberries.

The Chocolate Cellar

No strawberry food tour is complete without a chocolate stop. Don’t worry, The Cellar has you covered with their Strawberry Cream Truffle. Send your taste buds on a journey as you bite into a smooth strawberry center with a crisp ice cream bite. Here’s a tip: be sure to snag more than one.

Karma Boutique and Coffee Bar

Catch a hint of strawberry goodness in either a soda or a smoothie from Karma. You’ll also want to come back for some delicious coffee from a crafty barista and a great selection of artisan gifts.

Mrs. Lacy’s Magnolia House

Didn’t get a taste of Faye Schulz’s homemade strawberry shortcake at the Sanford Farmer’s Market? Swing by Mrs. Lacy’s and dive into this all-time classic dessert. You’ll be glad you did!

Yarborough’s Homemade Ice Cream

As far as sweet springtime treats go, you can’t beat the creamy goodness of old-fashioned strawberry ice cream. Yarborough’s does it right by slow churning cream, vanilla, sugar and fresh strawberries for a taste sensation that is out of this world.

Sandra’s Bakery

Last, but certainly not least, there’s Sandra’s famous pastries iced with smooth white icing and filled with strawberry deliciousness! What’s more they’re topped with whipped cream. Oh yeah!

Lee County’s Crop of Strawberry Farms

Gary Thomas Farms

Gary Thomas Farms has been around since 1973 and boasts a strawberry field that spans over 4.5 acres. It’s the first farm in this area to start selling strawberries grown on black plastic. Rush on over to pluck their sweet bounty, taste their soft serve ice cream and shop many other products and produce.


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Gross Farms

Gross Farms has long provided a unique way to show the public the many positive aspects of farm life. Offering a healthy source of family fun and entertainment, the farm opens the gates of its pick-your-own strawberry patch every April for all to come and enjoy.


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White Hill Farms Strawberries & Produce

White Hill Farms takes pride in bringing fresh fruits and vegetables from their farm to your table. Pick your own strawberries in the spring as well as other fresh produce and value-added products. You can also stop and shop at their permanent produce stand located in Cameron, NC.


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Spivey Farms

Spivey Farms has received various awards over the years and folks have claimed that the farm produces the sweetest strawberries they’ve ever tasted. From mid-April through the end of May, all are welcome to swing by and pick fresh fruit as well as purchase a wide range of produce and foodstuffs.


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Sanford Farmers’ Market

While Strawberry Jammin’ is the can’t-miss event of the season, it’s not the only time you can enjoy the wonders of Sanford Farmers’ Market. With fruits, vegetables, flowers and more available to purchase from nearby farms, it proves to be the go-to place for everything fresh and local. Visit any Saturday starting April 24 from 8:30am to Noon.

Strawberry Jammin’ runs from 8:30am to Noon on May 8th, 2021.