Five Antique & Restored Treasure Shops in Sanford, NC

Sanford is a hidden gem for those with a flair and passion for all things vintage, antique, and restored. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a novice seeking unique finds, these five antique and restored treasure shops will surely delight and surprise you.


Bert’s Furniture

Bert’s Furniture opened for business almost 40 years ago as a used office furniture store. Today, it’s a cornucopia of fascinating antique treasures. Stop by to browse colorful vases, sparkling candy dishes, china sets, figurines, and more fascinating finds sprinkled throughout the store.

If you are looking for funiture, however, Bert’s still got plenty of it to go around. Representing various periods and different styles, the store’s selection includes desks, chairs, dining sets, china cabinets, and more. Shoppers can choose from fully refurbished pieces to furniture that needs a bit of TLC.

At Bert’s, there’s always something unique and odd for sale making it a must-visit for any and all antiquers passing through downtown.


Sanford Antique Mall

Love hunting for treasures from the near and distant past? Then swing by the Sanford Antique Mall where everything old is new again. This 18,000-square-foot trove of wonders sits in the heart of Historic Downtown Sanford.

The Mall, a long-held business dream come true for its owners, rents booth spaces for up to 50 different sellers to showcase all sorts of treasures. Some of the vendors have been setting up shop here since the Mall opened in 1999.

So, what can visitors expect to find at the Sanford Antique Mall? Just about everything from North Carolina pottery, Depression-era glassware and classic jewelry to vintage clothing, antique furniture and vinyl records. What’s more, new inventory arrives daily making return trips to the Mall a unique experience every time. And, if you need help finding what you’re looking for, you can always turn to the friendly and knowledgeable staff on hand.


Redoux Home Vintage

With a delightful mix of vintage and new home accents, ReDoux Home Vintage appeals to the interior designer within us all. Owner Kimberly Hall has always been fascinated and intrigued by décor, furniture, art and the unusual. For years, she dreamt of owning a shop selling wonderful and inexpensive furniture that, with a little paint and a bit of style, could make any home cute and cozy. In 2013, ReDoux Home became a reality.

After 10 years of business, Kimberley still loves it when customers discover that their amazing purchases are reclaimed. Every piece at ReDoux, from stylized table settings to rustic statuettes and more has a unique story. Swing by to discover that unique something that turns your personal space into a masterpiece.


Vineland & Hickory

Husband and wife team, Todd and Ivy Childers are the proud owners of antique showroom and design studio, Vineland & Hickory. Their bright and spacious setup boasts refurbished and hand-painted furniture pieces as well as a wide range of home décor. You can also find a great selection of antiques, a side of the business that ultimately springs from Todd’s upbringing. His family runs several antique stores and antiquing is practically in his DNA.

In addition to furniture and home décor pieces, the store offers a selection of great services. Shoppers can take advantage of interior design and upholstery services from skilled professionals to help make their living spaces and life in general more beautiful. There’s also Vineland & Hickory’s custom furniture service where you can have a piece refurbished or built from scratch.


A Few Nice Things

A Few Nice Things is an eclectic mix of surprising finds. In fact, there not much you won’t find at this charming antique shop. Brightly lit and well-organized, A Few Nice Things invites patrons to embark on a journey through time. Here, the quality art, antiques, collectibles, and more whisper tales of a bygone era for and speak to truly sentimental.

Notably, the store sets itself apart by offering professional custom framing services, showcasing one of the largest selections of molding in the region. Whether you’re framing a family portrait or a movie poster, the finished product will certainly turn heads. With a mission to assist customers in every way possible, A Few Nice Things is more than just another antique store. It’s a destination where history, craftsmanship, and personalized service come together.

And, there you have it. Five antique and restored treasure reasons we’re excited to see you in Sanford!