Sellers and Makers: The Sanford Antique Trail Part 2

Vintage treasure hunters flock to Sanford, NC to browse our unique collection of antique stores, showrooms and malls. The Sanford Antique Trail features seven unique stops owned and operated by talented, creative, knowledgeable and welcoming local residents. Visit Sanford shines a spotlight on them with this limited blog series about antiques. In this installment, we’re showcasing Bert’s Furniture, Southern Kreations and ReDoux Home Vintage.


Bert’s Furniture

Bert’s Furniture opened for business almost 40 years ago. Back then, the store’s owner and namesake Bert McCraken sold shoppers used office furniture. Today, Bert’s son Pat and his wife Emalee have turned the space into a cornucopia of fascinating antique treasures.

While growing up in Michigan, Emalee watched her parents navigate the world of antiques. At the time, they mostly dabbled in glass and china. Her mom even wrote and published 11 books on the subject of antique glassware. A hint of this antique niche has actually found its way to Bert’s Furniture today. You’ll find colorful vases, sparkling candy dishes, china sets, figurines and more sprinkled throughout the store.   

Then, there’s all the furniture. Representing various time periods and different styles, the store’s selection includes desks, chairs, dining sets, china cabinets and more. Shoppers can choose from fully refurbished pieces to furniture that needs a bit of TLC.

At Bert’s, there’s always something unique and odd for sale among the vintage furniture, china and home décor. For example, the store once had an eight-foot statue from a New York City lingerie store in stock. Then, there were the shipping crates for a full-sized harp that some lucky shopper made off with. But Pat and Emalee’s favorite piece has to be a solid oak, rolltop desk. It has a swinging side that pulls out like a drawer to reveal compartments and cubbies inside. If that doesn’t get you interested in a visit, we don’t know what will!


Southern Kreations Antique Boutique

Not far from Bert’s, you’ll find Southern Kreations Antique Boutique – a family-owned vintage boutique located in Historic Jonesboro. For those looking for the new, the old and the completely unique, this shop is a must-visit. Owned and operated by Tammy Holmes and her fiancé, Southern Kreations offers antiques, crafts and other off-the-wall items. How off-the wall? One of the more peculiar items for sale just happens to be a 70-year-old adult potty chair.

Southern Kreations owner Tammy has always had a deep passion for antiques. When she was a child, her home was burglarized, and her family lost a majority of heirlooms and keepsakes. This tragic event instilled in her an appreciation for vintage and antique treasures passed down through generations. It’s Tammy’s hope that she’ll once again own sentimental items to pass along to her family.

From Hobby to Full-Time Business

The actual idea for the store, however, sprang from an at-home hobby. Tammy took to craft projects when she found herself unable to work due to health reasons. Items created for fun quickly became a hit with friends and others who wondered if they were for sale. It completely shocked Tammy that her hobby could actually become a viable business! She and her fiancé Kevin opened Southern Kreations shortly thereafter. The business took off driven largely by the popularity of handcrafted foot stools and toy boxes. Kevin built them, and Tammy made cushions and/or covered them with animal prints patterns or sports team logos.

Five years later, the store still delivers a delightful experience that keeps visitors coming back for more. On any given day, expect to see Tammy’s smiling face as well as enjoy her helpful assistance while shopping.


ReDoux Home Vintage

Speaking of fascinating shops downtown, the Sanford antique shopping experience isn’t complete without a trip to ReDoux Home Vintage. With a delightful mix of vintage and new home accents, ReDoux appeals to the interior designer inside us all. Discover gently used furniture, stylized table settings, rustic statuettes and lots more to turn any room into a masterpiece.

The story behind ReDoux Home is pretty simple. Owner Kimberly Hall has always been fascinated and intrigued by décor, furniture, art and the unusual. Growing up with an interior designer for a mom, Kimberley regularly saw her home and the homes of others beautifully redone. Her mom would work with mid-century modern pieces but experiment with new looks and colors to transform them. Thinking outside the box is definitely one family trait Kimberley picked up.


Even with early exposure to interior design, Kimberley attempted to seek out other career avenues including joining the military. However, she found herself coming back to the one interest that made her happy: painting and/or creating something. Kimberley also enjoyed setting up house in the various places she moved to while serving. She quickly noticed military families regularly setting up homes with cheap furniture to get by until their next move. This observation would spark the inspiration for ReDoux Home.

Amazing and Affordable Furniture

Kimberley imagined a shop that would sell wonderful and inexpensive furniture. Folks could buy gently used pieces that, with a little paint and a bit of style, could make any home cute and cozy. She began realizing her dream selling from various market booths before eventually opening her first brick and mortar shop. When Kimberley and her family moved to Sanford, ReDoux Home debuted shortly thereafter in 2013.

After eight years in business, Kimberley still loves it when customers discover that their amazing purchases are reclaimed. She really gets a kick out of recreating magic in everything from old dressers to distressed bookshelves. Every piece at ReDoux has a unique story and hopefully, a bright future once sold.


More Antique Goodness to Come

Be sure to check back for the final installment of our antique blog series where we continue to spotlight the makers, sellers and owners that make the Sanford Antique Trail one of a kind. Discover more information about the trail and download a map to start planning your shopping trip.