Savor 14 Summer Sips in Sanford, NC

Feeling hot, hot, hot this summer? Head on over to Sanford and chill out with the coolest, most creative, and most refreshing beverages around. Here are the 14 summer sips you’ve got to try this season.

Cool Refreshers

Ms. Lacy’s Strawberry Lemonade

What’s a more perfect summer sip than a nice tall glass of refreshing strawberry lemonade? Pull up to the lovely Victorian home that is Ms. Lacy’s Magnolia House. Grab a seat on the porch and enjoy this fruit-flavored sip along with a whole host of other goodies.

Blue Raspberry Lemonade with Popping Boba

Speaking of lemonades, Brick City Boba puts its own special spin on this tart and tasty drink. The Blue Raspberry Lemonade in particular starts off with a lemonade base. From there, blue raspberry flavoring takes things up a notch. But, the thing that truly sends this drink over the top and makes it super fun is the popping Boba. Thirsty yet?

Piña Colada Smoothie

You should visit Family Grounds for a lot of reasons. The delicious baked goods. The irresistible coffee drinks. The family-friendly atmosphere. In addition to all that, the shop also has your summer tropical escape covered in drink form. Let the Piña Colada Smoothie whisk you away with flavors of pineapple, coconut, and vanilla blended to perfection.

Fonda Lupita’s Pineapple Blend


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Keep the tropical vibes going with a trip to Fonda Lupita. Not only to enjoy the award-winning food but also the delicious drinks. Case in point, their Pineapple Blend. Made with all-natural flavors, this drink will cool you down when the weather is sizzling hot.

Ice Cream Cravings

Yarborough’s Classic Chocolate Milkshake

You scream. They scream. We all scream for ice cream drinks! Especially when they’re as rich and creamy as the classic chocolate milkshake at Yarborough’s Ice Cream. Pro tip: ask the fine folks there to make your shake with chocolate ice cream and milk. Also, be sure to snap a few pics of the fun mural outside Yarborough’s, and for more art, hit the trail.

Banana Pudding Stuffed Milkshake

Howard’s Dips and Dawgs has the perfect sip for lovers of an old-fashioned Southern treat. The Banana Pudding Stuffed Milkshake brings together banana pudding ice cream, whipped cream, and cherry on top. For that summertime cookout feeling, enjoy your shake with made-to-order hot dogs, sandwiches, or even more ice cream (no judgment here!).

Catherine Ann’s Cookie House Halo-Halo

Can a frosty beverage be downright heavenly? If not, the Halo-Halo comes pretty darn close! Pop on down to Catherine Ann’s Cookie House to savor this authentic Filipino dessert for the summer. While there, go ahead and dive in to all the other amazing menu items (cookies included) for a wonderfully delicious experience.

Frosty Brews

The Healthy Hangout’s Chocolate Espresso Frappe

The Healthy Hangout specializes in healthy meal shakes and smoothies, energy teas, iced coffee, and more. If you’re hankering for something sweet with a kick of energy, try their Chocolate Espresso Frappe. What’s more, the cup reveals beautiful swirls of chocolate syrup making this drink pleasing to the eyes and the taste buds.

German Chocolate Cake Frozen Coffee

Speaking of cold coffee, Kathy’s Java Express is another go-to spot to satisfy a caffeine craving. Their German Chocolate Cake Frozen Coffee features coconut and chocolate flavors added to a cold brew base. For an extra touch of decadence, top your sip with a swirl of whipped cream. Trust us when we say this one will start any summer day off right.

The Kama Citra American IPA

Now, on to a brew of a different kind: beer. A summer like this begs for a cold, refreshing IPA and Camelback Brewing Company truly delivers. The Kama Citra bridges the gap between the classic American Pale Ale and the West Coast IPA. It’s practically bursting with provocative flavor. With Camelback hosting a wide range of summer events, there’s plenty of opportunity to sip back and enjoy.

The Pure Bre(a)d APA

This American Pale Ale is perfect for those dog days of summer! Malt-forward and balanced with flavor, the beer is best enjoyed in the company of friends whether two or four-legged. Wild Dogs Brewing welcomes both! Be sure to check out their summer lineup of events to experience it all from trivia to live music.


Flights of Summer Fancy

La Dolce Vita Pizzeria

Despite the nearest airport being several miles away, Sanford does enjoy its fair share of flights. La Dolce Vita boasts a flight of three seasonal beers on tap that rotate out periodically. There’s also delicious pizza and other Italian-inspired eats that pair well with your ales of choice.

Smoke and Barrel


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With a name like Smoke and Barrel, a bourbon flight offering is practically a given. Grab a table and order up a flight of five as well as some tasty eats from an ample menu. If you prefer entertainment with your bourbon, Smoke and Barrel regularly hosts live music as well.

Hugger Mugger Brewing

Hugger Mugger Beer Flights.

Another summer flight you should catch comes courtesy of Hugger Mugger Brewing. Stop in to sip four different beers or ciders from rotating taps. Hugger Mugger serves a range of brews including sours, lagers, local ciders, and ales (light, hoppy, pale, and Belgian-style). Check out both their food truck and events calendar to plan your visit for maximum fun.

Have a happy and safe summer everyone and remember, stay hydrated!