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Boo & Brew is back!
Oct. 12-14; 19-21; 26-28!

Part pub crawl, part self-guided audio tour, this event pairs visits to local shops, restaurants and bars with a bone-chilling ghost story based right here in Sanford. 

History comes alive through the ghosts of Downtown Sanford this October. As you embark on a frightful but fun night of restaurant and brewery hopping, you will encounter four spirits...each with a tale to tell.

A little about the ghosts you may encounter.

> The Pitfalls of Being Ernest
As celebrities go, there’s none quite as famous (or should we say infamous) as Ernest Badgett, the renowned ghost of the Temple Theater. The former set designer and mortician, known to many in life and death as “The Cardboard King,” was quite accomplished in many things. He did, however, really botch his one moment to shine as a stage actor, and honestly, he’s never gotten over it. It’s why some patrons have had breathtaking experiences while visiting the theater—none having anything to do with the awesome plays and musicals they happen to see on stage.
> The Misfortune of Lee McIver
Steel yourself, crawlers. The ghost of Lee McIver might be out and about on the Brew & Boo trail. What happened to the former owner of Lee’s Furniture store to cause his untimely passing was indeed shocking and horrible. It’s the only thing that explains why a humble, civic-minded, hardworking family man like Lee would remain here haunting the living. If only justice could be served to right that misfortunate wrong then maybe Lee could pass on peacefully. Until then, expect him to pop up when and where you least expect, and try not to scream when he does.
> A Fiery Farewell to John T. McKernan
Feeling unseasonably warm this fall evening? Perhaps the ghost of former fire and police chief, John T. McKernan is to blame. On the day that a catastrophic fire broke out at the current site of Hugger Mugger Brewing, the chief suddenly died and was never seen alive again. His ghost, however, refuses to rest and many people have witnessed him very much deceased. You might just cross paths with “Big John” as he continues to patrol the streets of downtown Sanford. We suggest you be on your best behavior. You really don’t want to be on his bad side. 
> A Timeless Tale of Two Tuckers
You can always count on The Tuckers to stir up a little ruckus. Especially in death. If you’re hoping to avoid their ghosts, good luck. If they’re not at The Historic Railroad House, they’re at Depot Park, Temple Theater, or even Wild Dogs Brewing. In short, they get around, but what else would you expect from the First Mayor and First Lady of Sanford? Strangely, their presence causes odd things to happen from phantom train whistles to ghostly whispers. But the good news is they always find their way back home with a little help from crawlers like you. Are you up to the challenge?
Boo & Brew Ghost Tour sponsors include Visit Sanford, Downtown Sanford Inc.
and the City of Sanford Appearance Commission.